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Babyuv/kidsuv inc began with a the love of the outdoors and a concern of today's harmful effects from the sun. Whether you're taking your kids fishing boating, hiking, or for a day at the beach sunburn damage should always be of concern.

Pediatricians have been warning us for decades of the permanent damage that the sun can cause our children, especially the very young. Now is the time to take control while your children are in their early stages of life. Our research and development team spent weeks, and months researching the best possible products to bring to the market. Our cosmetologists made sure that only the safest and natural ingredients are used in our sunscreens. The clothing designs will make all your kids proud to wear them.

As parents ourselves at babyuv/kidsuv inc. our goal is to start protecting children in their first years when they are the most delicate. Our products are proven to reduce the harmful effects of the sun by using a combination of our UV50 clothing line, sunscreens, and responsible care to minimize exposure. Please see our sun fact section for more information.

Thank you.