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How should I apply kidsUV natural sunscreen?

When putting sunscreen on your toddler, use a generous amount making sure every part of her exposed body gets a good coating. Make sure and pay special attention to burn prone areas like the ears, nose, back of the neck, and shoulders. KidsUVs natural colors will make sure you haven't missed a spot. Reapply often. Don't trust a label that promises to protect for eight hours. Remember even if a product claims to be waterproof it becomes ineffective by rubbing against something or after drying off with a towel after swimming.

What about natural vs. chemical sunscreens?

Dermatologists recommend using a "physical" or "chemical free" sunscreen made with zinc oxide or titanium dioxide. Unlike chemical sunscreens, which may cause irritation or allergic reactions because the skin absorbs the active ingredients, zinc oxide and titanium dioxide sit on top of the skin, forming a barrier against the suns rays.
Also kidsUV natural sunscreen starts protecting as soon as you put it on, whereas chemical products need to be slathered on 30 minutes in advance so the skin has time to absorb them.

If my kids wear your sun protection clothes, do I still need sunscreen?

Sunscreen is always recommended on all areas not directly covered by our sun protective fabric, such as your chin, nose cheeks lower arms and forehead if not wearing a hat,- this will ensure maximum uv protection.

Can my kids wear your clothing in the water?

Our sun protective swimwear is the only clothing we recommend wearing into the water. Salt water and chlorinated water will not harm the fabric.

Is my transaction secure?

Every on-line transaction made within babyUV/kidsUV inc. is transmitted across the internet using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption. This industry standard method ensures that information sent from your browser is scrambled while in transit and decoded when it arrives on our server. You are far safer using your credit card within babyUV/kidsUV inc. than you are in your neighborhood restaurant. We take the issue of security very seriously and have taken every step possible to protect you. Our server sits behind a state of the art hardware firewall on a dedicated server and is not accessible from the Internet. We have employed the services of one of the countries' leading security experts, who regularly monitors and updates our systems.